Biog and Contact

Paul is the Vicar of St Mary’s, Hadlow. Prior to becoming Vicar on 19th February 2013 he was the Curate of Woodchurch and prior to being ordained in 2008 he was a lawyer specialising in employment law. Paul sits as a Magistrate and has many other interests, most of which seem to involve boats and water.

Paul can be contacted at:

The Vicarage,
Maidstone Road,
TN11 0DJ


One thought on “Biog and Contact

  1. Hi Paul…not sure if you remember me from your days in Chelmsford…but I was there doing the admin for the charitable Trust from their offices……and also a magistrate (23 years since I started!). I am always glad to hear of new ‘recruits’ and even more pleased when it sounds as though it is a success! I hope you continue to ‘enjoy’ the work (though I never quite think that is the right word…!). Good luck, I am sure that your varied wealth of experiences will be a huge asset to the Bench!

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